Offers Made Simple

Simplifying the offer negotiation process
between real estate professionals.

Offers Made Simple

Simplifying the offer negotiation process between real estate professionals.



List agents place unique offer links in the MLS and direct offers to be submitted through our platform. Buyers’ agents fill out a short offer form and attach all offer documents.



List agents receive all offers across all their listings on one uniform platform. No need to adopt multiple technologies just to review and reply to offers.



Both parties are able to easily amend offer terms, send messages and upload docs through the platform at any time. Negotiating offers has never been easier!

What MLS Offers can do for you


Each new listing added to MLS Offers will receive a unique offer URL to place in your MLS offer instructions. This link will take buyer’s agents to the custom offer page for that listing.

Receive Complete Offers

Create offer instruction templates that can include text instructions and docs (optional) for the buyer agent to view and download before they submit their offer. This ensures offers are submitted correctly and completely.

Simple Offer Submission

Submitting an offer is simple for the buyer’s agent. They fill out the user-friendly offer form and attach their supporting documentation.

Simple Counter-Offer Process

Need to counter or amend an offer? Simply edit the offer terms online, add a message, and upload docs (optional). All terms and correspondence are time and date stamped and easily accessed in your account.

All negotiations in one spot

The terms of the initial offer, counter offers, and all other correspondence are time and date stamped and easily accessible by both agents on the MLS Offer platform at anytime. 

One Reply To Multiple Offers

Reply to multiple offers with one message and each agent will receive a separate reply. No need to compose a separate reply to each agent. This will save valuable time.

Canned Email Messages

Quit typing the same messages over and over again. Create common messages you find yourself sending during offer negotiations and use them when needed. 

Track Closing Info

Once an offer is accepted, track all pertinent closing information such as contingency removal date, commission amounts and parties involved.

Keep a History of Offers

All offer terms and messages submitted and received will remain in your account permanently. Any supporting documentation attached to messages will remain in your account for one year after the file is uploaded.

Contact Management

Save contacts and quickly add them to transactions in which they are involved without needing to find and enter their contact info each time. 

Email Notifications

New offers and all subsequent activity on an offer by either agent will result in an immediate email notification to the other agent instructing them to login and review the new activity.

Action Log

You will be able to access a running log of the 100 most recent actions that have occurred in your account. This is an easy way to track your current activity from an overview level.  

Bridging the gap between real estate technologies.

MLS Offers is the missing link between the ever increasing number of “offer” technologies popping up throughout the industry.  With MLS Offers you can continue using the technology you are comfortable with when dealing with your clients, but when negotiating with the other agent, we provide a common platform for that communication to take place.

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